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    Dump type water jetting gun
    1.Working pressure can be controlled any time
    2.Much Safer、more comfortable、more concise
    3.Apply to any surface cleaning including four standard layout
    4. Only takes 30s to change spool
    5.All the units are made of stainless steel
    6. The distance between barrel and trigger is 48cm, make it much safe
    Technical Parameters
    NameWorking pressureMax working flowWeightLengthInput connectorOutlet connector
    YLQ-70W700bar80L/min4.8KG1.4mM20*1.5M14*1.5 or 9/16°
    YLQ-100W1000bar80L/min5.2KG1.4mM22*1.5 24°M14*1.5 or 9/16°
    YLQ-150W1500bar80L/min5.5KG1.4mM22*1.5 24°M14*1.5 or 9/16°
    YLQ-280W2800bar80L/min5.5KG1.4mM22*1.5 24°M14*1.5 or 9/16°
    Our Service
    1.Prompt reply,clear communication and quick feedback
    2.Comprehensive consultation services,sophisticated solutions
    3.Experienced engineers and specialists technical support
    4.Customized one-to-one real condition and proposal design
    5.Warranty:24 months,expect for quick-wear part
    6.Well-stocked spart parts for replacement and maintenance
    7.Sustaining post-sale tracking service Jetting Gun