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    Sodium ethoxide / Sodium Ethylate powder CAS No.:141-52-6
    Product Description
    Sodium ethoxide powder Quick Details
    Chemical Name: Sodium ethoxide (solid)
    CAS No.: 141-52-6
    Chemical formula: C2H5NaO
    Molecular Weight: 68.06

    Sodium ethoxide powder Specifications

    Product nameSpecification
    Appearancewhite to light yellow powder
    Total alkali %≥99%
    Free alkali (NaOH)%≤1.5%
    Na2CO3 %≤0.5%

    Sodium ethoxide powder Usage
    It is mainly used in Pharmaceutical and agriculture as strong alkaline catalyst, ethoxylate, and as a reducing agent for organic synthesis, pharmaceutical synthesis, etc.

    Sodium ethoxide powder Packaging
    20kg/bag , 80kg/steel drum or as customer’s request.

    Sodium ethoxide powder Storage
    Store in a cool, dry warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat. Isolation and storage with oxidants and acids. Lightly load and unload during handling to keep the package intact.buy Sodium Ethoxide