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    Water Oil Cooler
    We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Water Cooled Oil Cooler in China, specializing water cooled hydraulic oil cooler
    With the advanced production equippments and informationalized management, we produce water-cooled heat exchangers strictly based on industrial standards and technique. The shell and tube heat exchangers are designed to remove thermal energy from the exhaust gas of natural gas, compressed air, hydraulic oil and transfer it to the water circuit. The extracted heat can be used for space heating, domestic hot water and any industrial process that requires hot water.
    Water Oil Cooler is widely used for plastic injection molding machine, air compressor, die casting machine, hydraulic system and other industries such as coal industry, chemical industry, textile industry and so on.
    Model NoABCDEFGJKLMNFlow(L/min)
    OR-604503054689.1120RC 3/4″RC 3/4″2311115.5957*1060
    OR-10055540357114145RC 3/4″RC 3/4″3312.5145.5106.510*20100
    OR-15057538576140175RC 1 1/4″RC 1″3012.517513013*16150
    OR-600117595087165200RC 2″RC 1 1/4″3412.520516113*16600

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    If you are interested in any of our Water Cooled Oil Cooler.or would like to discuss Water Cooled Hydraulic Oil Cooler, please feel free to contact us. Water Oil Cooler factory