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    Dongguan Sengtor Plastic Products Co., Ltd was established in 1997 and it specialized in manufacturing products that Business Companies, students, and etc that can be used for every day purpose.

    We also set up another factory Dongguan Heng Wei plastic bag factory to meet customer development and fast order delivery. We are confident that our factories can make big quantity order and quality items.

    The facility is located in Dongguan, China. The facility is over 7,700 square meters and we hired over 300 to 500 highly skilled employees in advance knowledge in equipment and technology. Each product is designed by skilled designers in the way that our customers are looking to use for their company.

    The types of products that we manufacture at our facility are file folders with label attachment, messenger bags in different sizes/styles, notebooks that have different styles and color, plastic bags, leather portfolios, leather briefcase, passport holder, three ring binders, and albums. Our company can also do custom logos that can be added to the product.

    These types of products are that we manufacture are for Offices Businesses, students that can use it for education.

    The types of equipment machine that we use to manufacture the products are Plastic Bag Machine, PP Film Blowing Machine, Stitching Machine, Material Cutting Machine, High Frequency Machine, and Laser Cutting Machine.

    We are authorized and approve certificate to manufacture products. We can provide our certificate (ISO9001, ICTI class A).

    These products are sold in the market throughout different countries; such as, USA, Europe, and Asia. Our companies have great experience in manufacturing our products. We know what are customers are looking for in our business.

    DongGuan Sengtor plastic Products Co.,Ltd is one of the companies that manufacture products for every day uses. We want to make sure that our product that can meet the customer’s expectation, and we want to make sure that our customers are satisfied with our products.
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