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    The pump is a positive displacement lobe rotor pump,designed according to USA 3A standard.
    The rotary lobe pump is processed with USA 3A standard so with strict hygienic request.
    The pump is ideal for transfer of viscous as well as low-viscous media in the food processing,cosmetic and pharmaceutical.
    Design and Features:
    –Horizontal type and Vertical type
    –Bare-shaft construction
    –Butterfly rotor as standard use
    –Hygienic design of the attachment of the rotors
    –Sanitary mechanical seal,internal assemble
    –Easy cleaning and maintenance
    –Connections: Clamp(standard)
    –Applied to CIP cleaning and SIP sterilization
    Technical Specifications:
    –Max flow: 90m3/h/395GPM
    –Max pressure:12bar
    –Max working temperature: 150degree C
    –Max speed: 1450rpm
    Lobe pump with heat jacket
    Lobe pump with water-cooled mechanical
    Lobe pump with explosion-proof motor
    Lobe pump with frequency converter
    Lobe pump with safety valve
    Lobe pump with flange hopper
    The Pump type: Horizontal Type and Perpendicular Type
    Note: the flow range in the table refers to the data measured when the medium is “water”.When conveying high viscosity concentrated liquid, motor power must be increased.
    Production Shows:
    Sanitary Stainless Steel Rotary Lobe Pump price