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    Wind solar hybrid energy can make the best use of the pure natural green energy.It can achieve good complementary of day and night,the sunny and rainy days ,the summer and winter.
    The use of these two power generation can effectively ensure the stability of street lamp.The system adopts DC power supply and control, without laying cables,no AC power supply,no electricity charges.It has the advantages of good stability,long life,high luminous efficiency,easy installation,easy maintenance,high safety performance,energy saving, environmental protection. Solar-wind street light can be used in various
    traffic roads,auxiliary roads, community roads, courtyards, parks, parking lots, rural areas, mining areas and the places where are difficult to pull and bury cables.
    All-in-one solar-wind street light refers to wind turbine plus all-in-one solar street light.All-in-one solar street light means solar panel,light, controller and battery integrating together.This can save shipping and installation cost.
    The LED street light has infrared sensor.The light is automatically weak when there is no one at night.When someone passes,the infrared sensor will detect and give out sensing signal to control lamp lighting.All beads will be fully lit up for a certain period of time.After the person leaves,the light will automatically turn to weak light.When people comes,light is full power on.When people leave,light is less power on.This working mode is so friendly, convenient and energy-saving.It also reflects humanized care.
    About the quality,INFINITE manages production strictly in accordance with ISO9001 international standard production system.There is standard production line,automated packaging line, strict product inspection system and advanced test equipment.INFINITE can 100% ensure you to get highest quality products with cheap factory price.
    Two types of all-in-one solar street lights and some projects are as follows for your reference.If you have your device data,welcome to send to INFINITE! INFINITE can provide you a good power supply system solution according to your requirement.Wholesale Wind Solar Street Light