The Coalition of Agricultural Mediation Programs is a network of all USDA Certified State Programs offering mediation services to the agricultural community for 30 years. Currently, 42 certified state programs are in operation.

From farm credit issues to disputes over participation in USDA programs, the state mediation programs demonstrate that regardless of the nature of the dispute, mediation can improve communication and repair the relationship between the parties, enable the parties to tailor solutions that work for them, and is generally faster and cheaper than traditional litigation.

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Elaine Bourne

The Coalition of Agricultural Mediation Programs mourn the loss of our dear colleague Elaine Bourne from the Maine Agricultural Mediation. We will all miss her spirit, wit, and most of all her delightful presence. She had a wonderful balance of professionalism and warmth and will be sorely missed by friends, colleagues, and the ag community in Maine.

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